Road Fighter – 1985


Back in the 80’s the MSX was a huge thing in Japan. Many legendary games were first released on this computer such as Metal Gear or in this case, Road Fighter. This Konami arcade port isn’t nothing espectacular or out of this world but it provided a solid arcade experience.

The game is quite simple, you have to race until the end avoiding cars, trucks and other obstacles trying to not run out of gas. You have two speeds: low and high and six levels which included a beautiful beach road and a stunning rocky mountains road. The game offers only two tunes (at the start and at the end), the rest is just hypnotic emulated car sounds.

138695-road-fighter-msx-screenshot-the-stage-map-which-is-shown-betweenfase4Road Fighter-2roadfighter-screen-3

Gameplay is quite simple but hard to master, just like many great arcades from the 80s. If you happen to touch a car you can avoid crashing by tapping the d pad in the opposite direction and reducing speed at the same time. Those kind of tricks were hard to pull off in the first tries. The game, sadly, has no ending so there’s not much else to say. If you can grab a MSX copy you wont regret it. The famicom version is also kinda nice but I never cared too much for the label.